Zenon Konopka and Vin-aire

Zenon Konopka is popularly known for his career as a professional hockey player with the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. In the past, he also played with teams like the Ottawa Senators, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus Blue Jackets and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Many of his fans did not know that their favorite hockey player is not only good at sports. He is also a successful businessman in the wine industry. Last year, he launched a new product called the ZK28 red and white wine line. One dollar from each bottle goes to a hockey-related charity.


The New Investment

Zenon Konopka is also a partner in producing an innovative wine aerator called Vin-Aire. This is Konopka’s newest venture that perfectly complements his wine business. This product is a classy and high quality wine aerator that combines both art and style in its design. Behind its luxurious look is a number of interesting features that enhances any wine’s taste. This product is very easy to use and can certainly create a big difference in any wine drinking experience. Simply pour the wine through the aerator. It produces a smooth and crisp aerating sound and drops wine straight into the glass. Wine enthusiasts will surely enjoy the smell and tastes of any wine that passes through it.


Why Aerate Wine?

Aeration or simply allowing the wine bottle to breathe makes the wine tastes a lot better. This process warms up the wine and allows it to give off its aroma. In the past, people tried a lot of different aeration methods. They tried leaving the bottle open for a period of time before drinking. Unfortunately, this does not give desirable results. Doing so only allows the surface area to be exposed to the air. Another method is pouring the wine gently and straight into the wine glass’ center. It should be poured from about seven to eight inches away from the glass. With this, the wine gets the chance to interact with air and undergo a chemical process to produce better taste. Using the decanter is another traditional method of aeration. This process is better than uncorking and pouring. This is because more wine is exposed to the air.

Today, aeration is no longer a problem. What’s best about using this tool is that it is more efficient than the traditional means, and people can actually hear the aeration process as it happens. This method allows more wine to get exposed to air. This aerator is perfectly paired with Zenon Konopka wines. Everyone will surely enjoy sumptuous and delectable wine with every sip.


Only the Best Aeration

Too much or too little aeration can’t produce the best tasting wine. With this, Zenon Konopka designed Vin-Aire to provide gentleness and the right amount of aeration. It is not too much to flatten the taste and just enough to soften the wines tannins.

Just like Zenon Konopka, prominent people who love wine prefer using Vin-Aire with every drink. Even wine experts agree that this aerator really enhances a wine’s taste and aroma. This is a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts.

This product is very affordable, but no one can tell with its classy and luxurious look. This is a great product that is easy to use and convenient to carry. Users say it is fun and certainly a great value.


Do the Test

People who are not yet convinced of Vin-Aire’s aeration capabilities may do a test. They need to have two wine glasses and a bottle of their favorite wine. Pour the wine directly into one glass. Take the second glass, and pour wine through the quality wine aerator into the glass. As the liquid passes through the quality vin-aire wine aerator from Zenon Konopka, listen to the wine as it interacts with the air. Notice how it swirls through the aerator. Smell the aroma, taste the wine and compare it to the other glass. Take note of the difference. Even those who are not experts will know which one is smoother with softer tannins, a better aroma and a strong finish.


Buy Now and Take it Anywhere

Vin-Aire comes in an easy to carry holder that allows everyone to take it with them whether they go for a drink at a friend’s house or in a restaurant. Before using it for the first time, they should wash it with water and soap. It is highly recommended to wash it by hand instead of the dishwasher. It is important to rinse the high quality wine aerator after use or before changing to another variety of wine.

Every wine drinker should have a Vin-Aire. Flaunt its award-winning design and the magic it can do with any wine. Enjoy.