Zenon Konopka and ZK28 Wines

Growing up in the Niagara Region, Zenon Konopka has had years of exposure to different kinds of wines. Especially since the family has been growing grapes in his backyard since he was a child. The area is known for producing some of North America’s finest wines. This is it not a surprise that Zenon Konopka also has a good taste for quality vintages.

Zenon Konopka grew up on a farm that grew grapes in their own vineyards. This resulted in his passion for fine wine and starting his own winery. At present, Zenon Konopka is a professional hockey player for the Minnesota Wild. More information on Zenon Konopka can be found on his Wikipedia page.


ZK28 Wines

Outside Zenon Konopka’s athletic career, he is also a partner in several businesses. One is his personally owned and developed ZK28 wines. Konopka partnered with Palatine Hills Estate Winery in creating the brand. The winery is located in Niagara on the Lake and produces both red and white vintages.

ZK28 wines are made from the finest grapes. These are processed in the winery with natural products that bring out their exquisite taste. ZK28 wines are derived from white or red grapes that provide a unique and appealing flavor that Zenon Konopka himself helped in creating.



Chardonnay 2011 is ZK28’s white wine with a rich, smooth and creamy flavor. It has a tinge of vanilla, toasted oak and light citrus that will surely satisfy everyone’s palate. The wine goes best with white meat such as poultry or seafood like scallops or lobsters. It also goes well with light red meat dishes. ZK28’s Chardonnay also brings out the best taste in cheeses such as brie, provolone and gruyere.


• Power Play 

Power Play is ZK28 Wine’s twist on the conventional red wine. It is carefully manufactured in the winery with flavors of ripe plums and black cherry. The Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon are guaranteed to please everyone. Zenon Konopka personally uses his own expertise and discriminating taste in producing these delectable red wines.

The Merlot is ideal for those with an inclination for fruity sweet flavors. This also makes the wine a popular choice for special occasions and events as it satisfies a wide range of palates. Merlot can be served for easy and moderate enjoyment with others.


• The Wild One 

The Wild One is another white wine from the ZK28 collection. It contains a hint of floral and citrus notes with a mixture of sweet flavors. The white wine is recommended with light meats or cheeses as the combination brings out a soft taste on the palate. It is made with a good balance of acidity and sweetness that can satisfy most drinkers. The Wild One is great for sharing with friends while having relaxing conversations.


• 4-On-4

This is another unique blend from ZK28 Wines. It contains a combination of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer to produce a unique balance of acidity and sweetness. The wine is mixed with apple, pear and honey flavors to bring out its sweet and delicate flavors. This white wine can be served when there is white meat and seafood on the menu. It allows people to lavish in its delicious taste without overpowering the food.


• Meritage

Meritage is ZK28’s red wine that contains the flavors that every discriminating palate enjoys. It has an earthy taste produced from being placed in oak casks for four months at the winery. The red wine contains an aromatic scent of black cherry and plum that will surely please the senses.


Advantages of ZK28 Wines

Zenon Konopka did not produce these delicious wines and establish a winery for himself. He is a strong advocate of healthy living and awareness of certain causes. His ZK28 wines do not only satisfy the palate. They also provide people with a number of physiological benefits.


• Lower Blood Pressure Levels

The ZK28 winery produces vintages that contain nutrients that help lower blood pressure levels. The wines contain anti-oxidants such as procyanidins that help eliminate harmful free radicals in the blood stream. This also helps reduce heart attacks and high blood pressure related diseases. Through moderate drinking of Zk28 wines, people can achieve healthier circulation and stable blood pressure levels.


• Lower Risk for Diabetes

Red and white ZK28 wines are also excellent for reducing the risk of diabetes. They contain a controlled amount of alcohol that prolongs the function of the pancreas. This also helps in converting glucose in the body into useful energy. Moderate intake of wine on a regular basis helps people in maintaining their blood glucose levels and lowering their risk for type two diabetes.


• Lengthens Life

Studies have shown that drinking red and white wine on a moderate and regular basis helps in prolonging one’s life. The antioxidants and other helpful elements in the wine facilitate the repair of damaged tissues in the body. It also helps in removing toxins and other harmful radicals in different organs. Therefore, the winery provides people with quality and healthy wines for social occasions and physiological benefits as well.